How to Spot Fake Ugg Boots

Published: 12th May 2009
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So you are out shopping and you spot insanely discount uggs boots. You immediately buy them and go home exited to try out your brand new uggs boots. But then somebody tells you that they are fake and you just waisted your money. How do you know what is real and what is fake ? Here is 10 ways to check if your ugg shoes are real or fake.

  1. If ugg boots are insanely cheap beware they are probably fake, even if they have the ugg label.

  2. Fake ugg boots tends to have a smaller width and a wider ankle.

  3. On the label of real uggs it says made in china, if it says made in Australia or New Zealand they are fake .

  4. Fake australian ugg tends to be taller than real ugg boots

  5. Real ugg boots material are much higher quality than fakes and the difference can immediately be felt when worn.

  6. Real ugg boots always arrive in a box

  7. There is no camel color uggs, if they claim to sell camel color they are fake

  8. The sole in real ugg boots are flexible

  9. If the printing on the label are of low quality they are fake

  10. The stitching is always the same color as the outer sheepskin, if this is not the case they are fake

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